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It is our goal to offer a variety of training opportunities for athletes of all levels. Beginners start in our Block Party and Beach Party sessions then advance to Indoor and Beach Pod Training. Athletes at all skill levels are encouraged to participate in our Sports Performance programs as the benefits will apply to multiple sports and overall health and wellness. We also rent out court space to coaches looking to run privates and small group sessions for their athletes. 


Sports Performance Trainer

Coach J is a premier certified Sports Performance Trainer. Apelar has developed his approach to Strength and Performance with a unique emphasis on jumping. His goal is to make our athletes stronger, balanced, and explosive. Injury prevention, functional strength and mobility are his priorities. Jeriel's attention to detail will give your athlete the exact amount of push they need to perform at a higher level. His personal experience as a collegiate volleyball player at LBCC and internationally in the Philippines makes his approach, pun intended, even more dynamic for our athletes.


Pod Trainer

Coach Elias is the perfect Pod Trainer. Jimenez has tremendous experience having played high level volleyball from an early age. He uses his experience to help athletes see the game through his eyes. He has a unique way of transferring his knowledge of the game to younger athletes. He is currently training athletes between the ages of 12 to 16 and taking their games to the next level. Coach Elias has two kids that are standouts on their teams, Beatriz (LBCC) & Dante (LBVC 17's).


Block Party Trainer

Coach Beatriz is currently a libero on the Long Beach City College Women's Volleyball team. Jimenez has grown up around volleyball from an early age and under the tutelage of her father, Elias. She has experience helping young athletes learn the game and the perfect demeanor for the job. She is currently training athletes between the ages of 10 to 13 at the club levels and can help your athlete get to the next level. 


Block Party Trainer

Coach Jolene is currently a trainer at F45. Jolene played volleyball for El Camino College before pursuing her degree in Kinesiology at California State University Long Beach. She has experience coaching high school and club volleyball for the past few years. She is currently coaching volleyball at the club level and is making a positive impact on her athletes.


Block Party 

Block Party is the program developed for the next generation of volleyball athletes. We put the FUN in fundamentals and lay the foundation for a successful volleyball journey. Let us set your kids up for success. 

Block Party meets twice a week for an 8-week block. Each session is an hour and fifteen minutes to ensure our little athletes are having fun and focused on the learning the game. Each session is capped out at 6 participants. Sessions take place at Level Up Academy at 1695 E Del Amo Blvd, Carson, CA 90746.

$640 per player with online registration (16 sessions)

$45 for drop-ins


Beach Party

Beach Party is the extension of Block Party that everyone's been waiting for. We keep things FUN and train under the SUN. Same concept as Block Party, just more .  

Beach Party takes place every Saturday morning. Each session is two hours during the prime hours for having quality fun under the sun. Each session is capped out at 10 participants. Sessions take place in Belmont Shores south of the restrooms at Rosie's Dog Beach starting in April. 

$30 per player with online registration (1 session)

$40 drop-ins


Sports Performance - Team

TEAM is our Level 1 Sports Performance Training. This training is for athletes looking to take their on-court performance to the next level. This program will touch on all General Physical Preparedness protocol while building strength and endurance.

Sports Performance - Team meets twice a week for an 8-week block. Each session in an hour. Each session is capped out at 10 participants.

$240 per participant with online registration (16 sessions)

$45 for drop-ins.


Sports Performance - Work 

WORK is our Level 2 Sports Performance Training. This training is for athletes with advanced physical capabilities and training experience. One must participate in TEAM before joining WORK or undergo an evaluation as this program starts to focus on building explosiveness. 

Sports Performance - Work meets twice a week for a 8-week block. Each session is an hour. Each session is capped out at 10 participants.


$240 per participant with online registration (16 sessions)

$45 for drop-ins.

Pod Training

Pod Training is our take on collegiate individuals. We take a group of 4-6 players and run them through team specific or position specific training. Each session is geared toward that groups needs as teammates and as individuals. We provide personalized training for big group pricing. $40 per player for a minimum of four players.

To organize your pod training, email us at 


Court Rentals

Court Rentals are available to coaches for $70 an hour. Court space is limited these days but coaches our courts are available for rental. Book our court for more than one hour and the court cost drops to $40 per hour every additional hour booked. $70 for your first hour and $40 for every hour after. 

To organize your court rental, email us at


Level Up Academy Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17